Thursday, June 26, 2008


Tonight's clash between the greatest underachievers of world football-SPAIN and tonight's underdogs-Russia will be a match worth watching!
Both these teams share almost similar styles of play- attacking football. Their Head to Head record tells that Spain have the advantage with the latest win coming in the group stages of this years euro a 4-1 hammering by Spain. BUT since then, Russia have displayed some scintillating performances and ousted one of the tournament favorites, the Netherlands en route to the semi-finals. Also the last time they met, Arshavin was suspended. He could make all the difference and he has proved it in all the matches he has played in the tournament so far.
So in order for Spain to win and remove the tag of chokers, they have to come up with something special or else it would be bye bye La Furia Roja.

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