Wednesday, June 25, 2008


OKAY! After finally watching the movie after a long wait, i am made to think was it worth the wait, money etc, etc....My friends who watched the movie with me started to sing praises of it almost after every scene while on the other hand i wasn't convinced as much as them:-(
What could be the reason? This film makes use of the chaos theory or the butterfly effect to narrate the story. It starts with Kamal addressing to an audience at the Nehru stadium in Chennai, moves to 12th Century when the local Shaivaite King’s move to remove the Vishnu idol from a temple is opposed by Nambi (Kamal), a Vaishnavite. King Kulothunga packs the idol and the idol lover together and dumps both in the Bay of Bengal. Then we are transported to 2004 where Dr Govind(Kamal) invents a deadly virus and Ex-CIA bad guy Christian Fletcher tries to take it from him. Rest of the movie is one big chase which finally ends up in the Bay of Bengal where the Vishnu idol lies. Every chase needs 2 chicks, the good girl with the hero is Asin and the vamp with the villain is Mallika Sherawat.
The screenplay was lively and well paced. Many people said the script was loosely etched to fit in all the 10 Kamal's but i didn't feel the same. It was neatly packed. So where did the movie go wrong? The biggest ditcher was Michael Westmore. The make up in the movie was pathetic. It looked literally like the characters were wearing masks. Was westmore still thinking of star trek? You call this guy a genius and is this the best he can do or it was because he was not provided with enough money? Whatever the reason, the make up was horrendous. Take a look at Bush(one of the 10 characters portrayed by Kamal ). You might get the feeling that it's near perfect but it isn't actually. When a chennai based firm can manage to get a fair looking Rajni in the movie Sivaji WHY can't this be done to Kamal? Reason is TIME. The fair looking CGI of Rajni in the movie took one year to create. But you can argue that he played only 3 foreigners in the movie. What was he thinking? Indians settle for compromised stuff? Only Kamal knows the answer and he might have his justifications as well.
The next drawback was the graphics and the CGI of the movie. Obvious reason being shortage of money. The Rise of the Machines, for example, the budget for computer work, including visual effects, creature effects, and special effects, was $USD 28.2 million. That money is much more than the entire budget of the movie.Also Asin's cries of Perumal in the movie were sick at times though she was cute.

FINAL VERDICT: The effort is huge. The product is not. Lack of perfection outshines his strife for exellence. 3 stars on a scale of 5.