Tuesday, May 13, 2008


With his silky skills and spectacular speed, cristiano becomes the hot topic for debating in world football today- Is he the world's best or at least the current best player?

Recently this guy is being compared with George Best, because he broke best's record for man united of scoring 32 goals in a single season during the recently concluded Barclays premier league.

THERE IS NO DOUBTING Ronaldo's skills. He may be the world's most skilled football player but that doesn't make him the best.His antics on the pitch are sickening. What he does is called"SHOWBOATING". He acts funny on the pitch as if he s from the heavens and stops playing if someone tries to tackle him. Instead of concentrating on playing he does so on diving and complaining.

ASK ANY UNITED fan what ronaldo's most telling contribution in a red shirt has been, and he will probably go back to united's trip to fulham last february. Ronaldo's goal was significant in the context of the title race, but fulham are not MADRID. Ronaldo's performances against better teams have been average. Take last season's Champion's league semifinal against MILAN. ALEX FERGUSON GRUDGINGLY ADMITTED AFTER THE GAME THAT WAS ONE OF ronaldo's POOREST PERFORMANCES IN A UNITED SHIRT. Ronaldo might be one of the most skilled players the PREMIER LEAGUE has ever seen, but until he fulfils his potential and transforms his skill that are woven into legend, he can never be better than BEST.

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