Thursday, September 11, 2008

Great American seafood recipe

A seafood is very nutritious form of food and i like them very much and they form a major part of my diet. I have always wanted to try different types of seafood recipes and share them with my friends as i have a passion for cooking and it happens to be one of my hobbies. I stumbled upon the website It had organized a cook off of seafood and there were participants from all over the country of United States. I took a look at the recipes of the five finalists and they were really exciting. The best part about these recipes is that all of them use domestic seafood. By doing this, you get to conserve energy and there is less pollution because the fish need not be refrigerated for a long time and it does not involve a lot of transportation. It is very easy to obtain and also nutritious and fresh. Out of the five recipes that were present, i liked the one by chef Tafari Campbell of Maryland and it is called Pan Roasted Glazed Rockfish with Peas and Carrots. The recipe attracted me instantly and it consists of two types of seafood- the rockfish and crabs/shrimp along with a whole lot of other ingredients. I felt that the recipe needed a bit more hot and so i decided to add some spices to it and it tasted really excellent. The other recipes were also nice but i did not have the time to try out all of them. But you can always do it. All you need to do is visit the website and find the other details from them. Once you take up seafood, you will realize the goodness of it.

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