Saturday, August 23, 2008

Robinho can leave but...

Robinho who has been restless of late at the capital club has been told that he can leave but he has to face the consequences of his actions though. Madrid are one club who have been known to be very compassionate towards their players and considering their career as well but the club cannot compromise on it's interests and it's desires to win trophies. The player announcing to the press about his will to the press this Friday was not correct. First of all, he has gone public about his desires which is not the right way to do things in Madrid because we are not like anyother club and we do consider a player's desire. Second of all, with just one week remaining in the transfer it gives us no time to find replacements and with you in the manager's plans for the season this is a bad thing to do. But nobody is forcing you. You wanna leave, then hell go ahead but not without compensating. We are not going to transfer you even for 40 or 50 million euros. Buy out your contract that has still two years in it and estimated at 150 million euros. The amount will be decided by the courts and Rob need not pay the entire amount. So if he wants to leave, he should leave now.

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